Music Education

Music has been a part of every culture on the Earth for as long as anyone can remember. Everyday we are exposed to music in everything we do, from listening to the radio while driving in our car, to whistling a song to the rhythm of traffic while walking down the street. Music defines us as individuals, and each of us has feelings and opinions about what music we enjoy, and what music sounds good to us. Music has evolved into many different styles over the past hundred years. These styles including, Classical, Folk, Jazz, Blues, Big Band, Dixieland, Gospel, Funk, Country, Rock, Alternative, Rap, Punk, and Hip Hop are a testament to our creative nature as human beings.

At Kruse Education Center, I have strived to bring music of all styles to the forefront of every child’s education. Starting in Kindergarten, students begin to learn the fundamentals of music by singing songs, reading rhythms and listening to music from diverse cultures. In first Grade, students begin to learn about music’s connection to history, and some of the individuals that made an impact on music. In second and third grade we explore music with different instruments and begin to compose original music with the aid of our computer lab. Playing the recorder and performing in our STOMP ensemble encompasses a great deal of our Fourth Grade year, students are also encouraged to improvise rhythms and melodies by themselves, which in turn begin to build up their aural skills. Besides performing on various instruments, Fifth Grade students learn a great deal of music theory as well as the history of music, we also begin to discuss careers in music as well as the future of music.

I encourage you to let your children acquire their own tastes in music and always keep their minds open to new possibilities.

Thank You, Mr. Molinets

“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.” -Victor Hugo

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